Sunday, 20 July 2014

Zayra Perfect Modest Dresses

Salam Beauties, hope your all having a blessed Ramadan Insh'Allah. I couldn't wait to share this dress as soon as i received it a couple weeks ago and finally have got a chance to hype about it :)

I'm so glad to have discovered Zayra Clothing, they are the perfect store for modest dresses. And i mean modest. It's so elegant and simple. Perfect for every hijabi. 

Everything lined is opaque, the sleeves the top everything. It has buttons going down to the waist, and the waist is elastic.
It's  perfect for the warmer months i don't have to worry about having a matching long sleeve top underneath or getting really hot because of layering up. The neckline is high up aswell. The Aline skirt of the dress isn't sheer nor does it have splits which i always struggle to find dresses and skirts without.
I am just loving these dresses, once i'm back home i'll be getting the other colours especially the nudes. 
Their Facebook page is and you can purchase from there, you can also message them about anything

 For full outfit video click here

Nabiilabee x

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