Thursday, 13 November 2014


Friday, 26 September 2014

Crystal Dream by Daiva | Magnetic FabPins

Click here to go to her facebook page: Crystal Dream by Daiva 
Also her instagram is @crystaldreambydaiva

I've currently been trying out these gorgeous magnetic pins and i must say i love them! I don't use them for my hijab as much as i use them to secure or accessories garments. They are the perfect little extra instead of using safety pins. 

- They are plated in real gold so mostly anti allergenic
- Very strong to hold even a coat but small enough to be discreet if you would like to hide it.
- When opening and closing the magnetic FabPin hold it tight and dont let it smash as it can brake the Swarovski crystals or pinch your skin.
- You can use it for the variety of things such as fastening hijab, shawl, pin a tie, tighten the dress, decorate a purse,shoes, hat, bling up literally anything you can think of!
- If you drop one magnet and cant see where, simply hold the other part of it in the hand and stroke around where you think it might have been and they will find one another :)
- Another tip if you want to fasten something that is deep under garment, like say, the hijab on the top of your head: slide bottom magnet underneath and hold above the other magnet with your finger in between (as to reduce the attraction between the magnets) and guide it to where you want it to be- very easy!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

OOTD | Eid Idea's and inspiration

Salam beauties! So as it's Eid around the corner i thought it'd be a good time to show you what i would wear and just some inspiration for you. 

 I love evening dresses especially fitted ones however i never feel comfortable wearing them on their own and adding a cardigan just ruins the whole outfit. So as i was turning my wardrobe inside out i found this gorgeous vintage scarf and because of the colours and print it went perfect with the emerald velvet dress. It makes the whole look more modest and i could wear a turban in comfort now and even though the outfit is already party like it makes even more elegant and dressy. Also i can never wear just one colour and this balances out the whole outfit.

 Dress / Here
Scarf / Green here / Pink Vintage
Earringshere @jewels_gems
Shoes / Aldo 
Photography by instagram
                          Also a huge thank you to Rima Tadmory for letting us use her space.